“Everything Happens For A Reason” **insert eye roll here**

"EVERYTHING HAPPENS FOR A REASON". Don't you just hate that this phrase is used over and over and over again?  Well, it really kind of sums up what is going on right now in our lives.  We moved to California a few months back and long story short> we are moving again.  We found what… Continue reading “Everything Happens For A Reason” **insert eye roll here**


Change is good…or is it?

We moved across country from Florida to California ONLY 3 months ago.  We just got finished unpacking!  But guess what?  We are moving again!  We made an offer on the home pictured above and THANK YOU JESUS is was accepted!  Now, we just need to sell our current home.  Our current home is brand new,… Continue reading Change is good…or is it?