Change is good…or is it?

We moved across country from Florida to California ONLY 3 months ago.  We just got finished unpacking!  But guess what?  We are moving again!  We made an offer on the home pictured above and THANK YOU JESUS is was accepted!  Now, we just need to sell our current home.  Our current home is brand new, beautiful and in a fabulous area, but HOA and drummers are not a good match.

My husband’s drumming is “therapy” for him.  He risked his life for our country and our freedom, so I support his drumming 100%!  He needs to be able to drum unencumbered.  Our “soon to be” home on 3 acres will offer this to him.

Is change good?  YES!  Is it easy?  Uh, not really -especially for veterans who suffer from PTSD.  They thrive on routine.  Buying and selling a home and moving is just about as far from “routine” as you can get.  We have to go through it, to get to the “happily ever after” part.

MAGNOLIA MANGOS painting AND classes are on hold for now.  I just can’t paint, knowing that we may get a call from our realtor telling us that we have a showing in an hour.

God was in charge of the first move and we have put HIM in charge of this one.  So many things “lined up” just right for us on the previous move.  Many friends say “oh, the stars aligned for you”.  To that I say, “maybe the stars aligned, but GOD lined up the stars!”  We trust HIM and why HE moved us here.  We still are not quite sure why…but we know it will be EPIC in a good way!

“I can do all things through Christ who strengthen me.”   Philippians 4:13



1 thought on “Change is good…or is it?”

  1. There were people in the 1st neighborhood God wanted you to impact. That assignment was fulfilled, time to move on. And your new, new home wasn’t quite ready.


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