Headboard from fence posts!

IMG_8767Soooooo…we are FINALLY unpacked and all moved in to our new Bakersfield home.  We LOVE it here!  Everyone is so friendly and welcoming.  We feel right at home.  If you follow me on Facebook – you may have seen the old fence posts we found on the side of our house.  I was so excited to see them – my first thought was “WAHOOOOOO!  FREE HEAD BOARD!!!!!!”  Well, here it is!  I will recap for you. Here are the boards.  I tried to use a grey stain, but it wasn’t dark enough, so I made my own stain.


I used 50% paint to 50% water ratio.  I just brushed it on and the paint dried really quickly!  I used Dixie Belle’s chalk mineral paint in GRAVEL ROAD. This paint is amazing!  No VOC’s. No odor.  Easy to use.  LOVE it!


As soon as I painted the last board, the first board was dry (told ya it dried fast!). I then dry brushed on a Dixie Belle’s white called FLUFF.  Got so excited about this little project that I failed to get a pic of that…but you will see what I did in a few pics. NEXT STEP>  I attached 2 unpainted fence post (horizontally) directly to the wall.  I screwed it directly into the studs for support and made sure the boards were level.IMG_8762

Next step – added the vertical boards by screwing the boards directly into my newly attached horizontal boards.IMG_8763

The end result was a FREE cool new head board for my son’s room.  He lives in Louisiana and I live in California, but he and his sister have already been here for a visit.  I am a happy mama!!!!  Anyway>>>here is the end result:


Thank you so much for checking out my blog.  So many NEW AND EXCITING THINGS COMING YOUR WAY SOON…Including something totally unrelated, yet AWESOME> an online virtual BIBLE STUDY MEMBERSHIP! If you want more information about that, you can get on the list to be notified at:

Thanks again and have a BLESSED DAY!!!!

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